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I didn't get around to doing a fic round-up in the middle of the year, so this covers the whole of 2014.

My aims for the year were to write my first novel-length story of 60,000 words or more (I'd previously written a c. 46,000 word novella) and to meet my [community profile] inkingitout target of 125,000 words written and, ideally, also posted during the year. I also expected to follow my usual pattern of writing in one or two new fandoms during the year.

I managed to produce and post the novel-length story (c. 65,000 words) and ended up writing 154,820 "new" words, according to the daily totals I've been tracking, although I only posted around 105,000 words. The not-yet posted words are mostly in two WIPs: the first two and a half chapters of the story I thought was going to be this year's novel, which is the only thing I didn’t carry to completion (yet!) and nearly 30,000 words of a WIP (all written since 18 November!) that started off as a small, silly what-if plotbunny and just grew and grew, and is practically writing itself.

In August, I also managed to complete a streak of writing new words every day for a whole year. Since then, I've had a few days where I haven't produced “new words” but I have done substantial work on editing or plotting stories. That really helps with bumping up the word count and getting things finished, and also with feeling more confident in my abilities every time I sit down to write - the blank page is not quite such a big deal any more!

During the year, I wrote stories for the [community profile] fixitstory and [community profile] casestory big bangs, the Haven Troublesfest exchange, for [community profile] sutcliff_swap and for the commentfic challenge just before it, and for [personal profile] spook_me. I also wrote a lot of fills for prompts at [community profile] fic_promptly, where I had fun taking part in some of the challenge weeks and winning some very pretty badges.

The two new fandoms this year were Dawn Wind (Rosemary Sutcliff) and Farscape. If Haven was the new fandom that hijacked 2013, Farscape was the one that completely steamrollered 2014. Around two thirds of both total words written and total words posted were devoted to Farscape stories, including the novel. Thank you, [personal profile] scribblesinink for giving me the Farscape DVD box set for Christmas 2013. I think we can both agree it was one of the most successful presents of all time. :-)

On to the stories:

His Sister's Legacy (63,305 words)
Cuts both ways (1,490 words) written for [personal profile] scribblesinink
16 Ficlets (7,135 words) – can most easily be viewed in my Farscape ficlet collection at AO3

Earth 2
Prisoners (700 words) written for [personal profile] spook_me
A manner of speaking (1,035 words) written for [personal profile] spook_me

Stolen Away (10,240 words) written for [community profile] casestory
An End to Troubles (7,165 words) written for [community profile] fixitstory
Trouble Shared is Trouble Halved (2,240 words) written for Troublesfest
7 x Ficlets (2,410 words) – can most easily be viewed in my Haven ficlet collection at AO3

A Loftier Song (2410 words)
Sleep patterns (300 words)

Works of Rosemary Sutcliff
Blood Feud: Snow bears in the streets of Dublin (1625 words) written for [personal profile] sineala for [community profile] sutcliff_swap
Dawn Wind: Lost and Found (530 words) written for the Sutcliff Companions Comment Fest


First Responder (220 words)
Calculated (310 words)

Dark Angel
Designation (225 words)

Supernatural/Dark Angel: Meeting his match (1,105 words)

Most links go to Dreamwidth but my stories are also available at
[archiveofourown.org profile] tanaqui.

Thanks, as always, to [personal profile] scribblesinink for cheerleading and betaing everything. And for being my evil enabler....

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